Big Data Is Dead living with the big data AL

Big Data Is Dead living with the big data AL

In December 2014, I asked if we were already at the beginning of “the end of the Hadoop bubble.” I continued to update my Hadoop jam (here and here) via IPO Hortonworks and Cloudera very hyped.

The problem is that based on Google’s open source technology (and quickly replaced with better tools) can survive as a business venture when the company is hurriedly working on learning “AI” learning and learning machines.

In January 2019, Hortonworks that did not generate a permanent closing $ 5.2 billion combined with Cloudera. In May 2019, another Hadoop-based, MapR, announced announced that it will be closed if it can not find a new buyer or financing source.

On June 6, 2019, Cloudera shares down 43% after they damage their prediction of money and announce that the CEO leaves the company. Recognized at $ 4.1 billion in 2014, the cloudera market at $ 1.4 billion.

Is this just the last Hadoop or Big Data death? Is our attraction with more and more data only during combat?

Last month’s news is not all negative for Data Eating World Phenomena. Google announced intentions to get data discovery and initial Analytics review for $ 2.6 billion and Salesforce announced its intention to acquire data visualization and Tableau analysis leader for $ 15.7 billion.

“Additional Audience Additions to Google Cloud,

says the Alphabet newspaper, “will provide customers with more comprehensive analytics – from data integration and integration to analysis, analysis and visualization -.” Google Cloud Blog states that.

“The basic need for organizations wanting to bring digital self is the need to store, manage, and reproduce many data from multiple sources … Adding Visitor to Google Cloud will help us offer more comprehensive analytics analysis solution than data to describe results and integrate data and views into a daily workflow. ”

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“With Tableau,” Salesforce said in a news show, “[we] will be more important in the digital transformation … Enterprise of every size and industry transforms the way businesses conduct digital customers and data in the heart of the Salesforce transformation CEO Marc Benioff says about the theme of digital transformation, explaining how the three ranks are applied to the led company.

First, overlapping with customer (and teaching customer relationship management online). Second, uniting data sources for a more holistic view of customers (and acquiring rich companies Mulesoft) And the third step is comprehensive analytics so you can see everything in the company (and get Tableau).

The digital transformation looks for what data can be done for your business decisions and actions. It focuses on your company about the excavation and benefits of the most important source after people.

Data. Although digital-based, original, Web-driven companies with data like Google and Salesforce have done this for decades, many businesses around the globe, large and small, are now in the full transformation mode, seeking the power of data on the world.

In this process, they are running IT resources and data management tools in the cloud and experimenting with advanced machine processes or deep learning.

The remarkable progress and rapid development of computer visual and language processing capabilities since 7 years ago has been protected by the many data presented and labeled in online data.

In-depth learning is Big Data AI.

Below are two beginner CEOs providing data mining services that should be considered about where we are located in Big Data Evolution for Big Data AI:

“The market value of data analysis can not be overlooked. The Looker and Tableau takeover show that even though the biggest technology players take enterprise data analysis with tag tag, it clearly shows the value of the company in bigger ecosystems, and in terms of what is meant by the evolution of AI, we have reached the point where we are


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