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Tesla Could Have Easily Sold by the detail

Tesla Could Have Easily Sold by the detail

Tesla has to announce the preliminary decision for the June in the coming days. After the March disillusioned shipments fell from almost 91,000 vehicles in the December quarter to just over 63,000 three months later, the company rose to 90,000 to 100,000 sold in the June quarter.

Tesla can easily be sold several vehicle records in the June quarter as it has over 10,000 in transit at the end of March quarter and some buyers may have pulled last month’s trigger. Waiting until July or August due to semi-federal tax credit on July 1 I am aware that such sales increase takes a lot of effort, but since the company did so in the December quarter it has the ability to do so again.

Expect to be lower than the guide

From Oppenheimer notes by Colin Rusch he reported that, “the company was distributed internally collected consensus, under the FactSet consensus. Tesla’s analysis showed 84,800 transmission in the quarter.

Update to the following paragraph after talking to Tesla.

Tesla compiled predictions from about 20 party sales analysts. 6 to 8 containing FactSet. Although many analysts’ estimates are published publicly, which should not be found by Internet search. Tesla provides numbers and does not add any additional information about them.

Let’s Emphasize the Growing College Voter Focus

It is interesting that Tesla issued a consensus analysis that may be unusual because I did not find it on the website of the Edgar SEC, Tesla investor relations website or company blog.

It looks like the company has been selected given important information since the lower projections can be interpreted as Tesla tries to lower expectations to help stocks when it announces initial results.

I have sent an email to the media relations department and the company’s investors to get clarity on what has been prepared and will update this article if I receive a reply.

How many sales were in June due to a drop in transit inventory?

I believe that Tesla can defeat expectations well. However, one of the reasons may be due to reduced car in transit at the end of the quarter. Out of March the company had about 10,600 in transit vs. more than 2,900 at the end of December (there were over 11,800 at the start of the quarter) when another major attraction took place to get the car delivered.

Although I did not expect the transit number to fall to December because of the large number being sent overseas, by reducing the amount will add 5,000 cars to the June quarter results.

Tesla Elon Musk

Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Elon Musk. (Photo AP / Noah Berger) PRESS ASSOCIATION
Demand for S & X Model will return to 100,000 per year?

In the Mac quarter conference called Elon Musk, “returning to 100,000 annually an annual demand for S and X is what we expect.” That’s the best for my knowledge. We do not have crystal balls, but that’s probably the best guess. ”

This was after Tesla sold only 12,091 in the quarter, a big drop from 27,607 in the December quarter (down 56%) and from 21,815 in March 2018 (down 45%).

Because part of the lower revenue will be due to federal tax credits cut from $ 7,500 to $ 3,750 on January 1 and attracting sales into December, it will be critical for Tesla and investors to see S and X return paths. Especially since the Federal tax credits are split twice starting from July 1 to $ 1,875.

All this moving part means that it can take at least one or two quarters or even a year to get a real reading on the request of Model S and X. If Jun’s decision is also assisted by the attraction, then there may be other declines in the September quarter.

And the cycle can repeat again in the quarter of December; The last buyer will get any Federal tax credits to buy Tesla.

Digital Company Propeller find success with people

Digital Company Propeller find success with people

Propeller Health is a digital company with positive clinical outcomes and financial success. Last year, Propeller sold for $ 225 million after it was named the Most Innovative Company. It also has public health as a major mission.

Business models that promote social causes can prove to be a successful formula for digital medicine.

Hawkers are established on premises that digital approaches can help address individual respiratory status while also making public health benefits. In 2006, David Van Sickle worked as a disease detective at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

He wants to determine the epidemic in real time and create a system that can predict fear. After working on epidemiological respiration for years, Van Sickle acknowledged that the approved treatment did not help the patient to opt for the symptoms optimally.

“We worry doctors do not care about the treatment they use,” said Van Sickle. “The medical team has no information on why they are outside the clinic.

” Because they rely on retrospective questions such as “how often have been using inhalers over 30 .

Van Sickle believes the suction sensor can collect information about unused medicines through office visits. He founded and developed a propeller platform using chip cases attached to the inhaler and some with mobile applications to automatically detect drug use and provide personal views.

The system collects real-world care data and empowers people to better manage their own illness by developing less-than-life scientists and contributing to public health research.

Various clinical studies, the company has shown that the platform can lead to a 58 per cent increase in drug compliance, an increase of 48 per cent in average-free symptom  Propellers have helped people improve the care and data collection of individuals that benefit the wider community.

The Propeller team sees the opportunity to show that digital medicine can causecommunity health when it comes to partnering with Louisville, Kentucky and helping solve more important respiratory problems.

The city has more than 60% of people with asthma compared to other countries due to the combination of heat, pollen and soot.

Air quality is not spread evenly causing disruptions caused by changes in microclimates, dispersal cycle plants and hot island regions of the region. But this health problem is difficult to handle because it can not predict location and time

Create health data to use

The Louisville AIR program helps to accurately locate where and when the situation develops for asthma fatigue. The propeller team creates a study that will provide asthma to control the disease better by recruiting 1,200 participants and providing sensors attached to the inhaler.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Fan data is used to check the level of pollution due to treatment. Meredith Barrett, Vice President of Research at the vanguard led the study and explained that the team could see “temporal and spatial signature” inhaler drug use and the system detected “better data than seeing just about prescription replenishment,” some will be the traditional way to measure symptoms indirectly.

This study shows a correlation between environmental factors such as sulfur dioxide and ozone with episodes using anxiety inhalers.

With the help of the Propeller platform, the participants used the suction arm as much as 78 percent more often. People in the program may have been twice as inexperienced.

National science scientist

“We are overwhelmed with the interest of participants to get more help and contribute to something big,” Barrett said. “When we surveyed the participants about what they were joining the program, he did not want to increase their own health, but the two most reported reasons for donating data to better understand asthma in people.”


The Top Tech IPOs In 2019 is started by Immigrants

The Top Tech IPOs In 2019 is started by Immigrants

Turned out 2019 is the year of technical IPO (initial public offering). Some high-tech US companies have been bought on the stock exchange and others he wants. What is less demanded is four of the top five IPOs from companies embarked on by immigrants.

On July 1, 2019, the top five IPO technologies this year were Slack, CrowdStrike, Uber, Pinterest and Zoom, according to Computerworld UK. When founders Pinterest sang the original, four other companies had little founder founder.

This is remarkable, because of U.S.

immigration law It is not easy for immigrants to stay home (green card) after starting the company. Immigrant inventors can usually stay in permanent homes after typing as refugees, or supported by employers or family members.

Slack technology, with more than 1,000 employees, has immigrants, Stewart Butterfield (Canada), Serguei Mourachov (Russia) and Cal Henderson (U.K.). Butterfield as CEO and Henderson as CTO (chief engineer).

Damn, singing employees in the company for communication via software instant messaging, closed almost 50% higher on the first day on the New York Stock Exchange after registering directly, which varied in regular IPOs.

Market capitalization exceeds $ 18 billion.

Shares from cybersecurity CrowdStrike Holdings added 71% of the initial price on the first day of trading and stock companies with market value of around $ 12.5 billion. The company has 1,200 people and provides cloud-based cybersecurity security for businesses that are more concerned with cybersecurity security.

CrowdStrike received much media attention after crossing and compiling “two threats of Russian allied enemies” responsible for hacking the National Democratic Committees.

CrowdStrike is an example of American Dream in action.

George Kurtz, Dmitri Alperovitch and Gregg Marston founded the company in 2011. Dmitri Alperovitch, chief technology leader of CrowdStrike, who moved to the US in the 1990s from the Soviet Union when he was a teenager. Families are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and obtain security information from Georgia Tech.

“The country is very good for me,” he told me in an interview. “I am a citizen and proud to be able to contribute to the economic and national security in this country. I love the parents who make decisions for my family to America.”

Camp Garrett, a Canadian immigrant, built Uber with Travis Kalanick. “I really did because I can not get a taxi,” Camp said. The camp remained in the company’s board of directors but now Uber’s CEO was Khosrowshahi’s Virgin, who switched off the Iranian family.

Manik Gupta, the ruler of the expectation product, was an immigrant from India and Thuan Pham, CTO, who came to the United States as a refugee boy from Vietnam.

While some of Uber’s IPOs are seen as kuciwane, as the stock price does not rise from the initial price, the market capitalization of the company is about $ 76 billion, and is one of the most famous and world-renowned companies in the world just 10 years after its founding.

Uber has more than 22,000 people, about half of which is employed in the United States. It also provides an opportunity for about 3 million active drivers and has planned to expand new areas, such as shipping and other types of transportation.

Video Zoom Communication is virtually non-existent in America because US policy visas Eric Yuan, CEO and Zoom Video Zoom, which provides video conferencing to companies, living in China and coming up with ideas for the company as a better choice than making the 10 hour trip to see pacare (and prospective wife).

“I decided to come in the US in the mid-1990s because the Internet, which I know is the wave of the future,” he said in the Medium Interview.

“It’s hot here, but never brought to China, when I first applied for a US visa, I refused it and I continued to re-apply for two years and finally I received a visa at nine.” Currently, the company uses more than 1,300 people and after the IPO capitalization market exceeds $ 23 billion.

Although Pinterest has no founders, until March 2019, immigrant Vanja Josifovski, who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Linköping in Sweden, is a key player in the company as a tech engineer.

“Josifovski, who has been singing Pinterest for many years, is most recent as a CTO, showing the company’s overall and overall technical strategy, including building platform and invention machines, and organizing some of the team’s core teams,” VentureBeat said. They left Pinterest to be the CTO of the Airbnb Homebbers. Airbnb

What Are The Biggest Regulatory is effecting tech industry now


Today, we all walk around with mini-computers in your pocket, we are more powerful than all NASA computing combinations in 1969. In fact, most of us can not remember the time before smartphones, despite the fact that the first iPhone was launched on year 2007.Tech is growing fast, but rules are often slow to catch.

Here’s what I’m saying:

The company has used our personal data for target sales and advertising for many years, but not until the end of the year that the legislature intervened in an effort to protect

How Dreams I Do not Know I Have Faith

Under considerable privacy concerns, the EU approves the so-called General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) to provide individual control over personal data. It has triggered a major chat about privacy among various technology industries, and observes how people think about soft usage.

The GDPR is also catalyzed by a new wave of rules, including California’s consumer privacy laws and promotes United States Data on the Common Creation Act (ADD).

This means, now, it’s harder to start a software company. And with the rule adding personal violations to the company, it is more difficult.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming and current technological rules of Silicon Valley, the technology industry as a whole, and the bigger ones:

Privacy data is stored quickly.

In the post-DPR world, privacy can be the biggest problem for users.Thanks to high-profile data violations and scandals, find you, a Facebook-number of users who see that personal data is collected and exploited.

While many users do not vote by releasing their favorite social media services, the legislature also begins to apply to protect users.

GDP requires organizations to obtain clear, informed and independent EU approvals.

But the GDP is not just a great rule that caused a wave in Silicon Valley. Several years ago, California adopted extensive consumer privacy laws that could make significant changes to companies that use personal data.

In particular, the California Affidavit Act reserves the right to be informed of the type of personal data company you are collecting and why, the right demand for personal information removal.

the right to withdraw from the sale of personal information, and the right to access your personal information in a “easily shareable format , “that allows transfers to third parties. It is called the most strict US data protection regime .. history.

And only this January, Senator Marco Rubio proposed the ADD Act, which would be the Federal Trade Act (FTC) to propose a privacy rule that Congress can enforce as a law. This rule will replace existing national laws, establishing a national framework for privacy.

When the Bill did not give FTC new powers to corporate regulations like Google and Facebook, it did not allow the FTC to make binding rules when Congress failed to do so within two years.

This higher rule provides users with protection against undesirable invasion of the latest state actors in the private technology industry. They also say that the techine industry is short and allows introspection.

In such a rule, all technology firms must do some customers (or not).The rules around the AI ​​are very hot-and for good reason.Automation interrupts every industry, from manufacturing to clerical.

And I have seen it immediately.

I grew up in a family, like the Midwest class. During childhood, my father had been a lot-because of automation. As the economy grew, automation continued to rebuild its families like mines all over the country.

But now, the AI’s automation and technology capabilities are growing rapidly, which means more work in the cutting block. In fact, according to McKinsey’s report, approximately 375 million jobs worldwide will disappear by 2030.

To eliminate project losses, there are some other ethical issues to consider. Take your own car. If a powerful AI car had been faced with the dilemma of a second split hit a woman and a baby stroller, a homeless man, or a business executive, who had written an elaborate algorithm? Who determines who can live?

How Novelists Are Being is like a screen writter


How to have a novelist influenced by script writers? At first appeared in Quora: a place to acquire and disseminate knowledge, strengthening people to learn from others and knowing more about the world.

Answer by Fred Waitzkin

Writer of Deep Water Blues and Searching Bobby Fischer, in Quora:There are several novel writers who have turned the script, hopefully to delight Hollywood or the excitement, but include staying like F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and the latest from Cormac McCarthy.

I did not read much about the novelist who was the scriptwriter, on the grounds of how a film career helped people in literary art.

I propose, at least, take part because the most serious novelist thinks the screen is writing a smaller art and some feel the tactics to write a movie. But I would like to tell my own experience that runs in these two chapters.

The newest novel, Deep Water Blues, has been in his mind for over ten years. In addition, the novel illustrates the purity and pure sanctity of the tiny island of Valhalla for celebrities and rich sport fishermen, who passed through the war, died with corruption, greed and violence.

Rum Cay Island, a real place, in this way, as an island I visited over twenty years ago. I’ve been heavily drawn to staying in place, having a friend up there, so the arc of the tragedy belongs to me personally.

However, every time I write the book I walk across the mountains in the bandhingane’s literacy. This story is alive and interesting but I can not live on this page. So for the year I was preparing the novel.

For years I have ideas for scenarios based on your scientific culture. I prefer movie producer I know who likes my idea, and I started my career as a writer’s scenario. I flew into my own script with great energy.

After months I think I admit. But when I drafted my plan to my producer, Alex Twersky, he had written an interesting story for him, but did not become a scenario. More like a story or a short novel.

Employment Law Will Affect

The Future of WorkAnd so the pain started. I say the next month to replace another concept, at this time I would like to continue the practice of thesis writer and coach, Laura Cahill, most famous of Hysterical Blindness.

Laura taught the basics.

No flashback. “But why do I like playback? All serious novelists use flashbacks.” There is nothing certain to carry on the story, Laura explains. Moviegoers can not wait with the flashback. There is no guide on the stage, he trains.

Actors and directors do not like. Very short sentence. Again and again he crossed out a pretty description.

Must keep the story through or you will lose the audience. Lan “Rave” has rolled out plans three times, four times … Until Alex finally agrees, we have a script and time to start shopping to the studio.When the screen goes out to the world.

I decide to take more often in my novel.

I see my problem from today. In the heart, Deep Water Blues is the heart of a pet adventure adventure. I have thoroughly carefully cooked paragraph paragraphs and very much monitoring. I have to say a quick and rough island story.

I heard Latihan Laura from outside. Short paragraph. Always suck and keep the movie rich in action. Do not put a good story in descriptive writing. You took me ten months to write, since the end …. This writing makes. I dance the richness of the story I love to film.

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